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American Aggression – Nature Or Now Rude Behavior???

I often hear people referring to America’s greatness as stemming from its aggressive stance in conquering anything (and everything). We settled the Old West through our ‘rugged determinism’, and ‘tamed the Wild Beasts’ (i.e. Native Americans), through the use of powerful guns and legislation to control those who were left. Conquering Mt. Everest was seen […] Continue American Aggression – Nature Or Now Rude Behavior???

Sustainable Summer Sustenance

As we have welcomed the first day of summer and a beautiful strawberry moon, much warmer temperatures, we wear less clothing. We lounge by various bodies of water. We cook outside and reach for cold drinks. We set new goals for weight-loss, for bodies suitable for bathing suits, and we lament over the next class […] Continue Sustainable Summer Sustenance

Fly Like An Eagle

Remember flying the old paper kites? TopFlite and Hi-Flier kites were very popular when I was growing up.  Do you see that many kids today flying kites? I’ve seen a few, but I bet the majority would rather play with one of their gadgets. Their priorities seem to be different nowadays. They don’t know what […] Continue Fly Like An Eagle

Breakfast Time

Growing up my mom would always say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” I bet lots of other boomers heard the same thing. The moms were probably right. Many nutritionists seem to agree. If you skip breakfast it’s like trying to start your car without fuel. Breakfast provides the brain and body […] Continue Breakfast Time