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Let’s Do Lunch – The Fine Art Of Conversation

With the holiday season upon us, I thought, perhaps it might be a useful time to assess and evaluate our social lives. I continue to hear MANY people express their frustration and unhappiness at the state of their friendships (or lack thereof). All too often this comes in the form of questioning “What’s wrong with […] Continue Let’s Do Lunch – The Fine Art Of Conversation

Spring Into fun

Baby boomers grew up in a time full of historical events. Many of those events are cemented into our memories. The assassination of John F. Kennedy and landing on the moon are a few examples baby boomers remember like it was yesterday. Other memories are more personal like seeing TV for the first time or […] Continue Spring Into fun

Clowning Around

There is an old adage that it takes more muscles to frown than smile. True or not most would agree smiling makes us feel happier. It is not a cure for every situation but smiling or laughing can lift one’s mood. Humor is a great medicine for what’s ailing you. For children it seems to […] Continue Clowning Around