Too Much Sun is No Fun!

Did you know that today is national Suncreen Day? You know you should be using it, but you may not know that your dog might need it too!

Article 346: Too Much Sun is No Fun! (imageid1)It’s true, that their fur offers some natural protection, but sometimes they need a little boost. This is especially true for dogs who like to sunbathe and for dogs with lots of skin that’s not all covered by that fur.

My little dachshund Anna LOVES to lay out in the sun. She doesn’t generally stay out too long, just enough to recharge her batteries. However, if we plan to be outside for some time I will slather on a little sunscreen around her face, ears and legs (that’s where she’s losing a little hair now that she’s older). I also make sure to get her belly, because my old lady likes to roll over and soak up the sun there too! You don’t have to slap on sunscreen everywhere. You do want to get the skin areas that will be exposed to the sun.

We do have some dogs at the shelter who have some hair loss or really short, fine fur. For their protection, they get the sunscreen before they get out in the play yards.

You can definitely see how quickly the sun affects dogs with white fur, even if it’s just around their muzzles. If you start seeing their skin get pink, they’re not blushing. They may be getting a sunburn! Avoid that from happening by applying sunscreen before your dog goes outside!

Picking the right sunscreen can be another story. Just like people, dogs can have allergies and different needs. It’s best to consult your veterinarian so you can be sure you got the right kind of protecting for your pup.

In the end, we want our dogs to have fun in the sun … but we want to make sure they stay safe too! That means they should have access to shade, clean, cool water and sunscreen!!!

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