We “Kitten” You Not, There are Lots of Kitties

Did you know there’s actually a “kitten season?” To borrow a term from “Bambi,” cats tend to get “twitterpaited” at a certain time of year.

Article 369: We “Kitten” You Not, There are Lots of Kitties (imageid1)It’s around this time of year that shelters tend to get flooded with kittens. Kitten season peaks in the late spring or early summer and ends sometime in the fall.

It sounds all cute and cuddly, but the real fact is there are not enough homes for every single cat and kitten. The easiest way to help shelters out is just by spaying or neutering your own cat. If everyone did that, we’d be able to get a better handle on this whole “kitten crisis.”

So what about all of the kitties that do come into your local shelters? Many of them are still bottle babies and many don’t come with their mamas. That means they are too young to be fixed and too young to be adopted. In this case, a foster is desperately needed. The Animal Defense League, like many shelters, rely heavily on fosters to take care of puppies and kittens who are too young to be adopted. A few weeks of feeding and socializing them goes a long way to helping them prepare for their forever homes!

Many shelters, including the ADL, will pay for all of the expenses, you just do the work! As soon as the baby is old enough and/or weighs enough to be spayed or neutered, you bring them back.

Sure, we have some fosters that end up adopting, we we lovingly call our “foster fails.” Of course, we really like it when our fosters don’t adopt, so we can keep them as fosters! Fostering is a great way to help your local shelter. It’s also perfect for someone who wants a pet, but can’t commit to one long-term. You get plenty of cuddle time but only for a few weeks!

For more information on becoming an ADL foster, please click here.

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  1. But what if someone believes that neutering or spaying their cat is too cruel for said cat? Is there any other way to handle the problem?

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