The Saga of “Skinny Minnie” – DAY 1

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, then you know I love me some dachshunds! ┬áThis summer, my husband and I got to foster a special little lass the staff members affectionately call “Skinny Minnie.”

Article 2202: The Saga of “Skinny Minnie” – DAY 1 (imageid1)Minnie’s name on her paperwork is Rayme, but the first day I met her was in the Animal Defense League hospital. She was a pitiful sight, so skinny it looked painful and all hooked up so she could get some much needed nutrients. But when I knelt in front of her kennel, she struggled to get up so she could scoot over and kiss my hand. She is a mini-doxie, but only weighed 4 pounds. You could see every bone and it was obvious she had been severely neglected and needed lots of TLC.

Article 2202: The Saga of “Skinny Minnie” – DAY 1 (imageid2)I admit to tearing up a bit, and I can’t say it was from dust in my eyes. She was so starved for food and attention … but she just wanted love at that moment. She seemed to perk up when someone said “Skinny Minnie!” in a baby voice, so that’s we all called her.

A few days later the docs decided Minnie was healthy enough to go into foster care.  Despite having four dogs of our own, my husband and I knew we would be a perfect foster family.

So began DAY 1:

My first impressions –

1) Minnie barks. A LOT. She loves to hear her own voice, but she’s so darn cute you can’t help but laugh. We’ll have to work on it a bit, though,

2) Minnie doesn’t seem to like other dogs. Hmmm, she’ll get her own room and crate and we’ll switch back and forth between her and our dogs. It’ll be some extra work, but we’re willing to do it!

3) Minnie LOVES car rides, but she really wants to be in the driver’s seat.

4) Minnie loves people. Despite being neglected, she immediately trusts us and wants all the attention she can get!

Article 2202: The Saga of “Skinny Minnie” – DAY 1 (imageid3)Day 1 involved mostly getting her to the house, getting her fed and then letting her get some much-needed rest. As my husband and I sat and watched her eat, both of looked at each other. We didn’t have to say a word, we both knew we were doing the right thing. We both knew we were falling in love with her and we both knew we wouldn’t be able to keep her. That’s ok, we also both knew that fostering is also about letting go. As hard as the coming days would be, they were going to be worth it! ┬áChallenge accepted!

Next week: DAY 2!!!!

To learn more about fostering at the Animal Defense League of Texas, please click here.

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