“Skinny Minnie” – Day 2

The joys of fostering!  Taking in an adult dog is one way to help them get ready for adoption and free up much needed space at your local animal shelter.  When we brought Minnie into our home, we were helping on both counts!

Day 2 was a day of adventure for our skinny little gal.  She definitely had an appetite and we definitely kept that food bowl full for her!  My husband and I decided that the best thing for her was some outside play time with us followed by a day around town.  That way, we could see how she interacted with strangers and get her a few toys and treats.

This scrawny girl LOVES running.  You wouldn’t even know she had been hooked up to IVs the week before if you saw her.  She ran circles around the yard, only stopping to jump in our laps as we laughed at her.  We both had huge smiles on our faces, knowing that despite all the neglect, she was going to be just fine!

After her backyard shenanigans, we took her for a ride.  Our first stop was the pet store.  As we got out of the car, I quickly saw people were staring.  To my dismay, I realized they were upset, thinking that Minnie was our dog and WE were the cause of her malnutrition!  Even the clerk commented as we walked in that she was very thin.  My husband made a beeline to the clothing section.  Skinny Minnie needed a wardrobe to hide those ribs!  The smallest size was a bit too big, but we knew she would fill it out in no time.  Besides, she was downright adorable in those polka dots.

As we shopped, another customer with their dog came close to us.  Minnie started barking and straining to go over there.  We had been told that she didn’t like other dogs.  However, her barking, although a bit rude, seemed more excitable than angry.  The store wasn’t the place to test that theory.  I would be talking to our trainer about some proper ways to check this out in the days to come.  Remember, at this point we’re keeping her separated from our own dogs at the house.

Although a bit obnoxious around the other dog, Minnie had nothing but kisses for the people who came by to pet her.  One thing was for sure, she laps up attention.  With her adorable face, she definitely got plenty of it!

The adventure ended with a trip to a drive-thru so we could grab some grub for us humans.  Minnie may have snagged a fry or two as well.

It’s only the second day, but I can already see some amazing changes.  Not just for Minnie, but for me!  Fostering is a beautiful thing even though it can be tough to say goodbye.  However, there’s something magical about watching the progress, especially for an adult dog who’s had a rough time in the past.

As I closed out day 2 with Minnie, I was already excited to see what Day 3 had to offer for us!

To learn more about fostering at the Animal Defense League of Texas, please click here.

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