I speak with a lot of people in my day to day work, and this past week I was speaking with a gentlemen who asked my opinion on getting back into shape. He had decided that he was tired of being overweight and not having the energy to get through his work day, but he was frustrated at his progress – or lack of progress. Listening to him, I heard the common challenge that all people have and I thought it would be good to share with you.

This person had made the decision to change their results and get into better shape.

Great idea!

He decided that the best way to do that was to purchase a home workout DVD so he could do the program at home. Another good idea as long as you don’t fall into the thinking also that you will do the workout whenever you feel like it – because there will be plenty of days you don’t feel like it.

Now here comes the common mistake that most people make. He was frustrated because the workout was so challenging that he could only do a fraction of the workout and that kept reminding him how out of shape he was. This started the negative thinking process which will only lead you down the wrong path.

Here is what I told him. The workout DVD is 45 minutes to an hour. Don’t measure your success on if you complete the workout. Create the habit of working out and it will lead you to success. It does not matter if you can only do 10 minutes of the workout, as long as you gave it your all. You have gone from doing nothing, to completing 10 minutes of high energy exercise – that is great! Keep doing that and you will eventually get through the entire DVD.

See, people tend to think backwards and that sets them up for failure before they even start. You don’t have to complete the 45 minute DVD to reach your goal. You need to get started and work up to 45 minutes.

I hope you take this system and apply it to your life. I promise you that if you do, that you will reach a lot more of your goals and be a lot happier than if you wait for perfection.

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