As personal trainer, one of my specialties is weight loss. I`ve been pretty successful with my recipe for several years now. Two clients of mine were highly successful in losing a significant amount of weight. Both clients lost around 100 pounds each. This can only be accomplished if you`re dedicated in getting back to living a healthy lifestyle. I can give you the proper tools, but it`s up to you to use them to your benefit. Most people I train for weight loss cheat, therefore they don`t get the results. My two clients that were obese had decided that they had had enough and it was time to get serious. It takes that switch in your head to go off to finally attain your weight loss goals. These two clients achieved that. It doesn`t take overnight to do this , it takes around a year. But don`t get discouraged about the time frame, after all your weight gain didn`t happen over night either. there are three things in the weight loss equation for success.

First and foremost is adjusting your nutritional intake.. You have to eat clean (no sugar, alcohol, bad fats and starches). Now along with clean eating , portion control is essential. If you don`t fill up your stomach to the top then you won`t give it a chance to shrink. For example , let`s say you`re having a meal and you get full but there`s still food left in your plate. Do you pack it in to finish it?, or do you push it away? The correct answer is to save it for another time. By doing this you`ll give your stomach a chance to shrink. As your stomach shrinks, the less food you`ll eat. The less food, the less calories and carbs will be injested. This is the only way the pounds will come off.

Next, you need to combine this with strength training( weights, cables, machines) to tone up your muscles. It is essential that you do this step to insure that your body doesn’t become mush. Next, and very important is CARDIO. Cardio strengthens the heart and lungs. It is important to work the inside of your body along with the outside. (I will go into CARDIO in more detail in my next blog). Following these steps to the letter with no cheating will get the results you want.

Now I`d like to take the time to talk to you about the ramifications of being overweight. Did you know that your heart, lungs, and other vital organs get enlarged when you gain a lot of weight? This is not healthy! It`s downright dangerous. Another aspect of being overweight is laziness. For example, ” I can`t get on that ladder to change that lightbulb, I`m too heavy”. This is only one example that I`m talking about. There are many more. I call this the “Cop out lifestyle”. you start to depend on other people to do your simple chores. I had a client that weighed in at 425 pounds. Every Christmas he would hire people to put the lights on his house because he couldn’t do it himself. How sad is that.

When a client comes to me to lose weight, I ask them these important questions. Do you drink alcohol?, How about beer. Are you a six pack a night beer drinker? If this is the case you will NEVER lose weight. How about soda? Do you pack in the soda with all those carbs and sugar? If so I strongly suggest you switch these bad habits to WATER! This will be the only way a weight loss regime will work for you. Drinking water is key, it helps in flushing out all the calories and toxins as you lose weight. I sincerely hope that this has been helpful in your weight loss endeavor. My next blog will be about CARDIO and the importance it plays in your life so stay tuned.

Yours in health,
Rusty Russo

Rusty Russo is author of Three Strikes You’re In.

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Rusty Russo

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