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For those of you who haven’t heard of functional training, this blog will help you understand the various exercises that I train my clients with. Instead of going through an array of them now, I’m going to spend time explaining one exercise at a time. As a surprise, this time I’m going to add some photos for visual aids. Before I begin, let me define what the purpose of functional training exercises accomplish. For example let’s say you have to carry your trash pail out to the street and it might be a little heavy. The result could be a sprained back or some other annoying injury. Functional training can help to avoid that occurrence by keeping your body well oiled. Functional training utilizes several muscle groups at a time. And I might add that balance plays a huge part in the routines. So let’s begin!

In this first photo you will see that I start at attention holding a medicine ball straight out at shoulder height. Make sure your feet are together, and you look straight forward. Do not look down, because that can result in you losing your balance. Looking straight forward at an imaginary target will help you to keep balanced.

Article 3620:  (imageid1)


Article 3620:  (imageid2) The next step is to take a step forward and lunge the knee of the same leg as seen in the next photo.


Article 3620:  (imageid3) With this done, take both arms holding the medicine ball and move all the way to your left, still maintaining eyes forward.


Next step is to swish the ball all the way to your right still holding the same leg in the forward position.Article 3620:  (imageid4)

(Do not stop in the middle as you swish the ball to your right, just go right across without stopping).


Article 3620:  (imageid5) When this is done you will return the ball to the center position, again still keeping your forward leg lunged.


The next step is to take a step forward with your other leg by passing our other leg. Do not stop to meet it and then take the step. It’s almost as if you were taking a giant step.

With this done, all you have to do is keep repeating down an aisle of your choosing. There is no set rule of distance, however I recommend at least thirty to forty feet. These exercises are to be done at a slow rate so you don’t start convoluting the steps. Finish each move before starting the next one, and remember EYES FORWARD!

In my next blog I will be describing another functional training exercise. So stay tuned and enjoy!

Yours in health,

Rusty Russo,

Author of Three Strikes you’re in.

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