50PlusPrime’s Jonathan Pontell shares his thoughts on baby boomer history, music, television, politics and more.

Jonathan Pontell wears several hats in his career, including that of broadcast commentator, business consultant, and cultural historian. He is best known nationally as the person who identified the existence of, and coined the name for, “Generation Jones”—the heretofore “lost” generation which has recently been the subject of considerable attention. Pontell appears frequently on national TV and radio shows, discussing the political, business, and cultural implications of the emergence of Generation Jones, as well as accompanying trends.

Pontell helps a wide range of clients better understand the collective personality traits, values and attitudes of Jonesers. As a non-partisan political consultant, Pontell has been brought in to help target GenJones voters in Presidential, Senatorial, and Gubernatorial campaigns; as a business consultant, he has helped various Fortune 500 Corporations market more effectively to Jonesers.

While Pontell is proud of his strong formal academic background at Cambridge University (U.K.), he also cites his informal training for part of his expertise; he has often immersed himself in cutting-edge international “scenes” while analyzing new trends, and has now spent time in over 100 countries.