Program Objective:

50PlusPrime is offering internships as an opportunity for students to apply their classroom theory to practical work experience. Our internship program allows students to experience firsthand the reality of working in the television broadcasting industry.

Interns can test their creative talent, exercise their analytical skills and increase their understanding of broadcasting sales and marketing/promotion management. Current positions are available in San Antonio, TX; Salt Lake City, UT; and Harrisburg, PA.


All 50PlusPrime interns must be college/university students and receive college credit for the internships. Students are expected to obtain and complete any forms necessary to receive credit for the internship experience. 50PlusPrime personnel will assist students with the completion of such forms and provide information concerning duties and responsibilities. The intern’s college/university academic advisor (and institution guidelines) determines the amount of credit available and the amount of time an intern will be available on a weekly basis.

50PlusPrime personnel will oversee the internships to evaluate, monitor, and assess the intern’s progress and ensure proper education/training. The student is aware that this is a NON-PAID INTERNSHIP. The student is responsible for his/her own transportation.


Internships are available year-round and are usually 12-15 hours per week. Specific days and times will be agreed upon in advance.

Internship programs available include:

  • SALES – Sales managers oversee the internships to evaluate the interns and ensure they are receiving proper sales education and training. Interns assist sales staff, participates in sales meetings, learns all steps of the sales process while participating in external sales calls with account executives.
  • MARKETING/PROMOTION – Assist with planning, coordination and executing of major program events. Assist with event set up, demographic-sampling, and interact with viewers & clients. Learn the promotional strategies of a syndicated TV program.

Apply for internships by submitting a resume with specified time frames to