Wizard of TV

The mind of a child is very impressionable. Like a sponge, things seen or heard are absorbed as a memory which can influence them for years to come. Maureen Healy an award-winning author and leader in the field of children’s emotional health, says children up to the age of eight are the most impressionable. ¬†Up […] Continue Wizard of TV

Ticket To Ride

Some of my favorite memories from my youth are ones of doing things on my own or with my younger brother. Going to a movie by myself, hobby store or walking to a nearby pond to catch some fish were a few things I enjoyed doing. Not having my parents tagging along and supervising me […] Continue Ticket To Ride

Pleasure Dome

Trains have been a part of my life as long as I can remember. My dad worked for the Union Pacific Railroad which to me seemed the best job any dad could have. .The house I grew up was only about the length of a football field away from railroad tracks plus the state I […] Continue Pleasure Dome

The Big Top

Watching the evening news a few days ago started out like most newscasts. First a report of the latest political news. Then it was information on when the next snowstorm was going to hit the area. As the next commercial came on I left the TV room and went to the kitchen to grab some […] Continue The Big Top

On the Radio

One of my earliest childhood memories is listening to the radio in the family car. As we glided down the road in a 1948 Ford coupe I was amazed at how voices and music came out of a little contraption called a radio. AM radio and the local newspaper were the primary means of informing […] Continue On the Radio