Wizard of TV

The mind of a child is very impressionable. Like a sponge, things seen or heard are absorbed as a memory which can influence them for years to come. Maureen Healy an award-winning author and leader in the field of children’s emotional health, says children up to the age of eight are the most impressionable. ¬†Up […] Continue Wizard of TV

Ticket To Ride

Some of my favorite memories from my youth are ones of doing things on my own or with my younger brother. Going to a movie by myself, hobby store or walking to a nearby pond to catch some fish were a few things I enjoyed doing. Not having my parents tagging along and supervising me […] Continue Ticket To Ride

Pleasure Dome

Trains have been a part of my life as long as I can remember. My dad worked for the Union Pacific Railroad which to me seemed the best job any dad could have. .The house I grew up was only about the length of a football field away from railroad tracks plus the state I […] Continue Pleasure Dome

The Big Top

Watching the evening news a few days ago started out like most newscasts. First a report of the latest political news. Then it was information on when the next snowstorm was going to hit the area. As the next commercial came on I left the TV room and went to the kitchen to grab some […] Continue The Big Top

On the Radio

One of my earliest childhood memories is listening to the radio in the family car. As we glided down the road in a 1948 Ford coupe I was amazed at how voices and music came out of a little contraption called a radio. AM radio and the local newspaper were the primary means of informing […] Continue On the Radio

Spring Into fun

Baby boomers grew up in a time full of historical events. Many of those events are cemented into our memories. The assassination of John F. Kennedy and landing on the moon are a few examples baby boomers remember like it was yesterday. Other memories are more personal like seeing TV for the first time or […] Continue Spring Into fun

Clowning Around

There is an old adage that it takes more muscles to frown than smile. True or not most would agree smiling makes us feel happier. It is not a cure for every situation but smiling or laughing can lift one’s mood. Humor is a great medicine for what’s ailing you. For children it seems to […] Continue Clowning Around