Therapist, Counselor and Educator

As a professional counselor/therapist, public speaker and writer on men’s issues since the early ’80’s, Dale has lived through many of the situations and issues with which he assists his private practice and clinical clients, along with his various national and international workshop participants.

He has come to believe the vast majority of mental health issues (and even more so the concept of ‘mental illness’) are very likely the result of places that taught individual persons how to merely “survive” using poor quality coping skills. This ‘person, in a place, with a process’ model takes the focus off blaming the individual, teaching there are more effective, and satisfying, methods of dealing with the complexities of daily living in our modern society.

This is where a person’s passion comes into play and makes life really worth living! He strongly believes life should be an adventure to be savored, rather than simply a series of problems to be solved.

Completing his Masters of Social Work internship at Wayne State University’s Counseling Center (in Detroit, MI), he was invited to stay on as a counselor for 5 ½ years (including 1 ½ years of working with students with disabilities).

He established his current private practice in 1985 and is an Internationally Certified Advanced Alcohol & Drug Counselor (CAADC). Dale has published his online book on men’s issues, “Stopping The Madness” (see click ‘look inside’ to view the table of contents and three sample chapters) and currently writes for two websites.

During his nearly three decades as a therapist in his private practice in Southfield, MI, Dale has come to believe teaching the attributes of relatively healthy functioning families, along with the mechanics and roles within dysfunctional families, allows and encourages individuals to internalize their locus of control and discover normalcy (along with the practiced skill of setting boundaries and learning alternatives to power struggles through assertiveness and negotiated compromise).

He enjoys balancing his direct client therapy with lecturing, workshops and writing, as well as volunteering on public program boards and ‘grass roots’ organizations.

Dale believes individuals deserve the opportunity to live lifestyles to their fullest, unencumbered and in control of past issues. He suggests Twelve-Step Programs are excellent for establishing sobriety, BUT there can be more to living than simply surviving and “taking it one day at a time”.

There may be several paths individuals can take during their lifetime’s journey. This is advocating diversity in its broadest definition. In addition to be being a male in America (with its unique perspectives and problems), also being a gay male in a 35 year relationship, has taught him a great deal about life’s hidden opportunities.

As a voluntary professional focusing on men’s issues, Dale was a member of the Board of Directors of the former Michigan Alcohol & Addiction Association and President of the Southeastern Michigan Information and Referral Alliance.

He has also addressed healthy Gay/LGBT lifestyles and relationships, the emerging Leather Community, and addressing the medical/psychological issues of AIDS for three decades (serving on four AIDS speakers bureaus); was the creator of two graduate courses on working with Gay/LGBT clients for seven years at Wayne State University’s School of Social Work in Detroit, MI (one of the first in the nation); was first President of Wellness House of Michigan (alternative housing for persons with AIDS); was a founding member of Wellness Networks, Inc. (now part of the non-profit state-wide organization AIDS Partnership of Michigan); was a founding member and primary presenter of the Leather Institute For Education (LIFE-Detroit); is a member of the Michigan Band of Brothers leather titleholders group; and was a “therapist”, and consultant, to a five-city syndicated television news segment on relationships.

During his personal time, Dale enjoys antiques and fine art with his friend, Ron, since beginning their relationship in 1979 (Dale was an antique dealer for eight years and Ron now owning his own antique paintings gallery, The Golden Fig in Birmingham MI), gardening, and participating in the newly emerging International Leather Community – a rather full and passionate life thus far.

Dale is listed in the One Thousand Great Americans - 2003 edition, published by the International Biographical Center in Cambridge, England, as well as their Men of Achievement book in 1985. Dale is also listed in Who’s Who In The World, 1987-88; Who’s Who in America, 2000; Who’s Who in Medicine & Health Care, 1999-2000; Who’s Who in the Midwest, 1986-87; Who’s Who Among Human Service Professionals, 1986-87; Outstanding Young Men of America Awards, 1983 & 1984, and a Community Leader of America Proclamation, 1986-87.

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