For those of you who are not familiar with how I gained my popularity, it was a result of surviving three different cancers, at various times, over a 16-year period. In 1991, my wife and I were sitting at a red light in a snowstorm when all of a sudden…BANG! We got hit from behind by a 27 year old drunk driver. Thank goodness we were on a snow covered street, so our car glided easily into the intersection, rather than a dry street where the results would have been worse than they were. This led to neck and back injuries for the both of us. When they did my cervical MRI, they found a (benign) pituitary adenoma in my head. This was after my first cancer surgery, which was a total thyroidectomy. Eventually I had to have brain surgery to relieve the tumor, and subsequently, two additional cancer surgeries.

All of this history brought me to the idea of writing my memoirs on surviving cancer, three times, over the course of 16 years. My book is entitled Three Strikes You’re In, and in it I discuss how I evolved from cancer patient to cancer survivor. I have received seven 5 star reviews and it has been called “one of the most inspirational books ever written”. You can purchase it directly from the publisher online at, or at, or wherever fine books are sold. If you know someone who is fighting cancer, please consider buying this book for him/her; it will definitely help them fight the fight.

After my third cancer surgery, which was lung cancer, I received chemotherapy. This knocked the wind out of me and I decided to retire from my home improvements business and become a certified personal trainer. It’s been 11 years since then and I really enjoy my work with people, to help them achieve their goals. By the way, people are always asking me my age…well…no lie, I am 67, born in October of 1948, in NYC.

Several years ago I started an exercise class for cancer survivors and people fighting cancer. It was slow going, at first, but after several years, it has proven to be a success. For the past 10 years, I have been fortunate enough to be part of the amazing team at Synergy Fitness Clubs of Merrick, NY, who gave me all the support needed to get the class up and running. Being affiliated with a supportive gym, such as Synergy, has made all of the difference in my success; they are behind all of my projects…they are my family.

If I have peaked your interest in me, then please read my book, Three Strikes You’re In, by Rusty Russo, and follow my blog, bi-monthly, here on 50PlusPrime.

Yours in health,
Rusty Russo

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