Wendy is the founder and creator of Food Goddess, linking mind, body and spirit together as the key to good health. As a lover of good health, vitality, and plant-based nutrition, Wendy believes in empowering everyday people, at any age, to take control of their personal wellness.

Wendy grew up on the coast of south Texas. Post-high school, she spent 17 years in the restaurant industry, learning every possible position, traveling extensively within the US, studying gourmet food under rising culinary giants, observing regional trends and collecting valuable life stories along the way. In 2001, she returned to school, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Arts degree from Our Lady of the Lake University at San Antonio, both in Communication Sciences and Disorders. As a Speech-Language Pathologist, she currently specializes in pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders with CHRISTUS Home Care Pediatrics, San Antonio.

Wendy has a long-standing interest in holistic health and the power of good nutrition. She has worked as a nutrition educator since 2004, as an affiliate of the Juice Plus Company. She currently attends the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, with certification pending (June 2016). As a health coach, she counsels adults, teens and families in evaluating the role a rewarding career, enriching relationships, regular physical activity routines, and a committed spiritual practice, along with mindful nutrition, play in overall health and life-long vitality. She is the co-creator of the healthy living, mother-daughter blog, Mangoes and Coconut. She is also the sole-writer for The Wendy Blog, a collection of personal life stories, ideas and poems.

Wendy lives in San Antonio, TX. She is the proud mother of two beautiful teenage daughters. She enjoys reading, writing, yoga, meditation, travel, live theatre, attending her daughters’ various functions, cooking, movies and long conversations with close friends.

Articles by Wendy Stengel

Sustainable Summer Sustenance

As we have welcomed the first day of summer and a beautiful strawberry moon, much warmer temperatures, we wear less clothing. We lounge by various bodies of water. We cook outside and reach for cold drinks. We set new goals for weight-loss, for bodies suitable for bathing suits, and we lament over the next class […] Continue Sustainable Summer Sustenance

Empowering Health with Food

Many of us are aware that, as we reach 50 and older, specific health concerns become more prominent. Concerns for diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, stroke and heart disease, stress and depression, cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and osteoporosis, and even flu and pneumonia are on the rise. What many of us may not know is […] Continue Empowering Health with Food

Creating Vibrancy through Friendship and Walking in the Rain

Recently, one of my most treasured friends asked me to get together that afternoon. I’ve been coaching her in her personal health goals and, in return, she unwaveringly volunteers as my sounding board for some of the intricacies of life. It’s one of those serendipitous occurrences that happen naturally when we truly connect with and […] Continue Creating Vibrancy through Friendship and Walking in the Rain

Five Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

Living vibrant at any age begins with nourishing ourselves at every level. By cultivating healthy relationships, committing to daily spiritual practice, seeking enriching career opportunities and maintaining consistent physical activity, we feed our mind, body and soul. Additionally, one of the most accessible and immediate ways we can impact our health for the better is by […] Continue Five Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle