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norman sluiter

Autobiography of Norman Sluiter

- Born in Pontiac Michigan, March 20, 1945 to Parents Jay and Rachel Sluiter. Mother also born in Pontiac, and father born in Cadillac, Michigan. Mother worked as an office manager at Ted’s Restaurant in Pontiac on Woodward and Square Lake in the 1950’s. Father worked as an overhead crane operator at GMC Truck and Coach in Pontiac. - Friends with brother Larry, who works at GM Proving Grounds in Milford. Brother, Larry and sister in-law, Patty (now lives in the house where Norman was born) also niece and nephew - Amy and Jeff.

- Liked going to school - gym class - Graduated in 1967, Waterford Kettering- it was a good school - Did lots of work after high school- washing windows and general office cleaning, scrubbing and waxing floors at various office buildings. - Biked in spare time, riding throughout the city. Growing up Norman loved animals, having either dogs (Missy) (Max) (Salsa) (Penny) or cats (Buddy) (Sausage) (Oatmeal) at different times. My brothers’ dog was Lady. As an adult my brothers’ animals are a cat, Lady then Mincemeat and a bird Oh-Oh; two dogs, Peaches and Mincher. They also own fish.

I love spending as much time as I can attending church. I have attended Sunnyvale Chapel in Waterford on Pontiac Plank Rd, LakeCrest Baptist Church on Airport Rd in Waterford MI, Faith Baptist Church on Airport Rd in Waterford MI, Oxbow Lake Baptist Church on Elizabeth Lake Rd in Whitelake MI and Spirit Life Temple on Pontiac Lake Rd. I loved to hold garage sales, at least 5 times a year. Always sold a variety of items for sale. Enjoyed mowing lawn on tractor keeping lawn well manicured. Enjoyed flowers of all kinds especially the Aleum. I also enjoyed growing tomatoes, and cucumbers. In younger years I would help my father plant corn, we had a very large cornfield.

Favorite food is Asparagus, tomatoes, chicken and fish. Likes to cook baked potatoes. Likes religious movies. Likes religious music. Favorite book is the Bible. Favorite sport is Hockey. I enjoyed talking on the CB radio, which I did for quite a few years, my handle was bicycle boy. I also enjoy a good game of bingo.

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