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Leona Thomas

My Family tree by Leona Thomas

My great grand mother was born in Doblin Georgia her mother was sold into slaver in mid 1800. where shortly after she gave birth to a girl and name Josephine McCloud she would be the one to let us know the wisdom where we came from. She past it on to us, and never let us forget it, she was a strong and proud. Blackfoot was her bloodline .that was the beginning of 5 generation.

She was a slave lived on a plantation where she met and married Adolph Sleight in Georgia. I guess what they say is true ,40 across and a mule they work and work till they made something out of it. They move to DETRIOT, there she gave birth to her daughter and name her Dorothy on 8 –13- 1912 she own a candy store on hasting and readmit was call black bottom .is where most poor people live.

My grandmother work in a bar call the red arrow on hasten where she fell in love with Leo Lauchie. They had three girls Delores, Constance and Leona as time, past he start messing around with white woman, my mom use to tell us how he would beat on her when he would drunk.she left him it was told that he had another son somewhere, she had a son by Elise Willams after a few years she got tiered of his mess and left him to she had a son name Elise Willams jr.we where a close family even though we all in live in different parts of the city.we live in the botten, where most of the poor people live we could hardly wait for grandma,sometime my cousin would ride there bikes over to pick us up,we would double up and ride to grandma’s house ,or to my auntis house.

Those were the thing that made us happy .and a home cooking boy! All of us kids would be together for holiday . some time they would just ride over .as I said we where very poor so it was a blessing for us. It made her so happy to have all of her family together .thoese were the days when we could take quarter go the conner store and buy a candy bar ,pop chips, cowboy cookie two for a penny, and still money left.i know this is suppose to be about me but i can’t tell you about me, without telling you them. all I know ,and want you to know, is that God has been good to me, and,so when you look at me you will see a strong traits of every woman that came before me just think about it every time you look me you’ll see 5generation of strong woman.

By Leona Thomas

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