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Diabetic Neuropathy

Join Dr. Celeste Michelle Borchers, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine as she discusses Diabetic Neuropoathy. She will be talking on just what is Diabetic Neuropathy and what you can do if you or a loved one has it. Dr. Borchers is a graduate of Clark High School, St. Mary’s University, Texas A&M University, and received her […] Continue Diabetic Neuropathy

Arthritis Treatment Options

Join Dr. Brian N. Kanz, MD as he discusses arthritis treatment options, and how you can support a friend or family member living with arthritis. Dr. Brian Kanz, M.D., was born and raised in New Braunfels, TX. He graduated from Tarleton State University in 2000 and went on to complete his Masters degree in Medicinal […] Continue Arthritis Treatment Options